Fine Art Prints, Packaging, and the canon 45mm TS-E ii

The the need for touch – the need to see though an embrace – inspiring every sense with something tangible. When you hold an image in your hand – the emotion, the memory of the grasp, the look you gave rekindles the thought you had, in that moment. The prints below are those produced by the fabulous Film Lab I use, photovision. The love I have for film can be directly tied to my love for prints. I have boxes upon boxes of them from the days where the only thing I had were prints and digital scans were something I knew nothing of. I deliver my prints in an english linen box, delicately adorned with an olive accent ribbon, and a gold imprint of my logo inside. Dena Robertson of Cypress is an increible artist and truly cares about her craft. It is evident through the quality and perfection of these boxes. They are a perfect acompaniment to my newly designed brand by the insanely talented Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design. The note cards reflect the perfect balance of quirky with the elegance of my business cards. Gosh, I could go on and on about how much I love my new site, brand, and just everything!

AND to round off this post – I got a new lens. This lens is not one I ever expected to own as it doesn’t necesarrily fit my film work or my soft romantic style but man oh man am I looking forward to the fun Im going to have with it. All images below were taken with the Canon 45mm TS-E

ISO 1000 | F 2.8 | 1/250 | In my kitchen



Nikki Santerre - LOVE these, friend! I, too, am a firm believer in the tangible. What a beautiful experience of your clients! xoxo!

Jacqie - You’re so fancy! I love it! I adore you.

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Rustic Elegance – Williamsburg Winery Wedding with Jacqlynn and Chris




All images taken with Contax 645 – Film processed by PhotoVision

Getting Ready Venue: Wedmore Place

Ceremony Venue: Williamsburg Winery

Floral Design: Aleen Floral Design

Coordination: Two River Events

Ceremony Guitarist: Steven Campbell

Caterer: Old City Bar

Cake: Sweetfix

Band: E3




Vanessa - What a beautifully styled wedding!! And such great images here. I would never have thought to pick that color of bridesmaids dresses, but I LOVE them!!!!! Lovely wedding from beginning to end!

Bobbi - HOLY WOW! THESE ARE SO MONEY! That bride is BEAUTIFUL! This might be my favorite bouquet of 2014! Also… that shot of her bridesmaids holding hands… OBSESSED! Beautiful images as always my friend!

Rachel - These are so dreamy and beautiful and amazing! They’re so perfect it’s ridiculous! In LOVE with this whole wedding!

shannon - these are INSANELY beautiful!! love love love the bridal party holding hands…gorgeous! the portraits are to die for beautiful. you are amazing!!

Marilou - Such a beautiful wedding – I love every detail, and you captured them so well. I especially love the cheeky over the shoulder bride shot. And all of the ones with the bridesmaids – so fun. Congrats on a wonderful wedding!

Abbey - HELLO GORGEOUS!! Everything about this wedding is breathtaking. That first portrait of just the bride is awesome!! Love the bridesmaids dresses too! Awesome job!

Tsone - KATIE!!! I’m totally blown away by these. Jacqlynn and Chris look so classy! Kudos my friend, well done ☺

Megan - OH. MY. GOSH. These are out of this world. Dreamy. Just beautiful photos, making it impossible to pick a fav. Beautiful work.

Molly - Katie! Oh my goodness, you have outdone yourself! Those bridal party photos are hear-stopping. Everything about this wedding is gorgeous (including the bride + groom!). Wonderful job!

Jacqie - Your work is so very pretty! Such whimsy and grace. I love them all. You are amazing. And, those bouquets are kinda incredible!

Micah - These photos are gorgeous!! Love the look, LLLOOOOVVVEEE the depth of field, and love that each one is better than the last! Great work!

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Wyoming, Oregon, and Idaho on Film

Today the sky fell to mingle with the trees.

I stood gazing while the leaves danced with the clouds.

Cars breezed past never noticing the exchange.

Wandering, wondering, words passed between the two.

Grace and beauty lay nestled among the turbulence.

My eyes cast upon this scene – I felt peace.

   Seattle Wedding Photographer

Mornings are some of my favorite moments of the day and taking just one of those moments to calm the hustle and bustle is one I will take with me everywhere that day as a reminder. This post is about the nature all around us. It is about quality time with family and simplicity.  Just 3 rolls of film shot but the memories I have from this trip are vast in number. There is nothing like motorcycle acrobatics, bison invading yours and your next door neighbor’s camp site, taking the pups to see old faithful, pretending to be a moose, and those down right sweet moments where a son is hugging his father tight.



Jen Fleming - What stunning photos! :)

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