With Spring, Flowers Bloom and the Snow Melts

Confession – blogging – I’m not good at it. I dream each day and night. I sit amidst chaos and contemplate perspectives, goals, next steps in my business, personal projects I am motivated by, images I want to create, the life I want to live and yet I struggle opening up to the world. So much inside me and silence is all I had offered. So as this Spring approached I thought about the milestones myself and family had reached in one short year. As I sat there listing everything, I couldn’t help but be mystifed and yet there is more to do – more amazingness to happen. The tip of the list included moving to Seattle on a whim, traveling Asia with some of the most incredible photographers and my fab sis, I transitioned to predominantly film photography, I went full time, we bought a house, and are in the middle of remodeling that house. I left behind a life which was tied to corporations, schedules, government policies, and my proud time served in the Army. That life is now a chapter which has concluded and while Jon and I figure out what life looks like in Seattle- I face challenges and struggles I hadn’t thought of. I knew the adventure of creative drive and logical output would be an interesting balance, particularly in a new part of the country; but what I hadn’t factored, was the pride I had in my last chapter and how that would impact the next. The routine. The normalcy. The success. Will I still be able to claim my uniqueness as a fulltime photographer? How odd that statement seems. In my previous chapter, I strived to be the different one, by means of conquering goals faster and infinitly exceeding expectations. So now… I rely on internal passion, personal thought, emotions, the creative inside and hoping what I have to offer is something this world is interested in. Life is harmonic with crescendos – a wild dance – an inexplicable road trip and as such my photography is a representation of traditions, tid bits of life, and mixed in – some cool artistic perspective from around the world. As this new chapter is written, I can look back on the snow from winter and watch it melt away, uncovering the budding trees, the fresh soil, and new paths waiting to be explored. So while I still will continue to battle my anxiety with opening up – I vow now – I will try. Honesty. openness. confidence. Coming to grips with not fitting a mold – or the mold you ‘should be’. Allowing yourself to just be – as unique as you are. There is SO much beauty in the imperfections and that acceptance is what I extend to clients, friends, family, and now – myself.


PS. these over the top adorable people are family and they couldn’t be any more inspiring as a couple, family, and friends. They too have hit so many milestones in one year – they got hitched. had their first little one. explore the country together – never skipping a beat. Dianne, Todd, and Jackson – I love you all.



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From Maryland to Oregon to DC to New York to Virginia to Iceland to Washington & back – 2014

In a short sentence – this year has rocked my world. So much has changed both for my business and my family- traveling to 7 different states/countries to shoot weddings and another 6 countries for personal work, has been so amazing. Traveling is in my blood and when I get to combine that with my passion for photography – I can’t even describe how complete I feel. As I sit here and reflect, I can’t help but wonder – how could so much be jammed into 365 days? I feel overwhelmed with anticipation, love for my family and friends, hope for all the new adventures on the horizon, and gratitude for the lives I’ve been a part of. My clients are more than just clients; they each are a spectacular journey and so many have just begun. I’m going to keep this post short due to the high volume of prettiness which will sum up the incredible year of rad bride and groom’s Ive had!
















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Fine Art Prints, Packaging, and the canon 45mm TS-E ii

The the need for touch – the need to see though an embrace – inspiring every sense with something tangible. When you hold an image in your hand – the emotion, the memory of the grasp, the look you gave rekindles the thought you had, in that moment. The prints below are those produced by the fabulous Film Lab I use, photovision. The love I have for film can be directly tied to my love for prints. I have boxes upon boxes of them from the days where the only thing I had were prints and digital scans were something I knew nothing of. I deliver my prints in an english linen box, delicately adorned with an olive accent ribbon, and a gold imprint of my logo inside. Dena Robertson of Cypress is an increible artist and truly cares about her craft. It is evident through the quality and perfection of these boxes. They are a perfect acompaniment to my newly designed brand by the insanely talented Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design. The note cards reflect the perfect balance of quirky with the elegance of my business cards. Gosh, I could go on and on about how much I love my new site, brand, and just everything!

AND to round off this post – I got a new lens. This lens is not one I ever expected to own as it doesn’t necesarrily fit my film work or my soft romantic style but man oh man am I looking forward to the fun Im going to have with it. All images below were taken with the Canon 45mm TS-E

ISO 1000 | F 2.8 | 1/250 | In my kitchen



Nikki Santerre - LOVE these, friend! I, too, am a firm believer in the tangible. What a beautiful experience of your clients! xoxo!

Jacqie - You’re so fancy! I love it! I adore you.

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