Wyoming, Oregon, and Idaho on Film

Today the sky fell to mingle with the trees.

I stood gazing while the leaves danced with the clouds.

Cars breezed past never noticing the exchange.

Wandering, wondering, words passed between the two.

Grace and beauty lay nestled among the turbulence.

My eyes cast upon this scene – I felt peace.

   Seattle Wedding Photographer

Mornings are some of my favorite moments of the day and taking just one of those moments to calm the hustle and bustle is one I will take with me everywhere that day as a reminder. This post is about the nature all around us. It is about quality time with family and simplicity.  Just 3 rolls of film shot but the memories I have from this trip are vast in number. There is nothing like motorcycle acrobatics, bison invading yours and your next door neighbor’s camp site, taking the pups to see old faithful, pretending to be a moose, and those down right sweet moments where a son is hugging his father tight.



Jen Fleming - What stunning photos! :)

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New Website – New Home – The Big Reveal

There have been so many changes over the past few months. When I look back, that tornado of sleepless nights – the phone calls that were never timed right – the iphone pictures my husband would send me to help me stay connected to our little family – I wonder how we did it all. This year has been challenging but so incredibly rewarding. In January, the economy troubles finally hit our family. There we were, two former military members, government contractors, small business owner, hardworking members of society and we fell. For years we had been carefully stepping over this crack in the road, with our arms full. Juggling life, trying to get ahead, racing everyone to be first. However, January 10th, my husband came home early – we had finally tripped. In an instant, our plans for the future were stalled. For the first month we were hopeful to continue down the path as we always have – get another job and keep on chugging. Checklist – fully qualified, degree, certifications, hard worker, great communication skills, etc. As time progressed we realized none of that mattered. I left my husband at home to search for jobs as I went away to Cambodia. We debated as to whether this was still a wise decision monetarily speaking – but the reward for having gone is so grand. While in Cambodia, something hit me like nothing else had. Why were we trying so desperately to live this life? We were the perfect cookie cutter young family. We owned 2 beautiful homes, an SUV, a BMW, and a ’58 Porsche to play with. We had scallops for dinner every week and took our dogs to the dog park to play every Monday night, while we socialized with the neighbors over wine. As I thought about this list of things… it became clear to me – things were something I didn’t have as a kid and had fallen into the trap of collecting them as an adult. I thought I was valued by what I have rather than who I am. It was in Cambodia where the families had nothing and yet their souls were rich with happiness. Why or how could I have lost touch with what is truly important? I called home to Jon and said “we should move”. That moment is the moment we decided to change. We leapt as a family and decided to move to Seattle, a city neither one of us had been to before. We sold a lot of our belongings, packed up the SUV, and in March, Jon left. He drove across the country to a little house we had found online and settled in as he waited for me to join him. Neither one of us knew how long it would be before I could move, so he started our life in Seattle and I flew back when I could. I slept on the floor of our living room beside the fire each night, alone in Maryland. The room was just my photography gear and me. Yet each morning I would wake, leaving it behind, for a job. A job you’re ‘supposed’ to have – the kind with medical benefits, great salary, and stability.  In July, I grew tired of this arrangement and again we leapt; I finally moved to Seattle. No more packaged medical benefits, no more direct deposit, no more stability. Here we are starting a new life, focusing on the greater goodness this world has. My heart is full as I wake up next to my love, Raja, and Dudley. I can now look forward to holding Jon’s hand while we walk our pups or gardening in the afternoon, picking tomatoes for dinner. Those little moments make every challenging situation so worth it. We have white countertops from the 80s, we have an oven just big enough to fit one casserole in, I have to watch my head while moving around my office, in the attic, and I have to step up when going into the bathroom so as to not stub my toe, on the trim. All of these imperfections are what I love through and through. There is richness in something with a story. Stories are created over time and through this time, in our lives, I have been working with Ravyn of Three Fifteen Design to come up with new branding and my first website. As you can imagine, when we started this journey together, 1 year ago, my life was in a completely different space and her patience is award winning. Even my photography has transitioned and settled into something so different from 1 year ago. She has developed a brand/site which embodies my passion for what I do, who I am, and what I want to convey – not an easy task. I cant wait to share more about the experience. But for now here is the reveal.



My logo:


Seattle wedding photographer1

seattle wedding photographer


The elephant is a creature I am completely enamoured by. To me the elephant represents big dreams, passion, family, and to never stop traveling.
Wanderlust is the fuel of my existence and seemed only right to make it the core component of my new brand.

seattle wedding photographer

Additionally, as a photographer I capture a fragment of time, a series of moments, a snapshot of life. These moments or short stories are then sewn together over time to create a memoir, your legacy. That facet of my brand is so important. I want nothing more than to capture those moments of a family which will be passed on as a piece of their legacy.

seattle wedding photographer

The Website – Ravyn created something classic with a little twist.

seattle wedding photographer

The Homepage:


seattle wedding photographer

Hey – that’s me:


seattle wedding photographer



seattle wedding photographer

Traveling heart:


seattle wedding photographer




seattle wedding photographer

There are so many other pages on the site so check it out and let me know what you think!!! www.katiedelorme.com  


Douglas Pettway - Awww Katie! My wife and I totally agree with your decision to bail on the cookie cutter way of life. Simplify and minimize. :)

Be brave and follow your adventure, my friend.

Anna K. - Katie, I loved reading your story. I had no idea that so many changes were happening in your life and it seems as though they are all for the best. I can’t wait to see what this new chapter holds for you Jon! Thanks for constantly being an amazing source for inspiration and your new site looks fabulous! It fits you perfectly!!!

Andrea - I still can’t believe you just picked up and moved! Incredibly excited for you guys!

Tara - I love the story, the heart behind it… Thanks for sharing Katie. Excited for you both!

Kristina - Katie, what a touching story! Hugs to you and your family! (PS: your new website is fabulous!)

Jessie Mary - I just love the story.

Jen Fleming - So so happy and proud of you and all you’ve done this past year! It’s been an honor to get to know and work with you and I can’t wait to follow your journey as it continues to enfold. Much love!

Brett W - Yeah Katie!! This is AWESOME!! :) :)

mary - SO excited for you! You have great talent and vision. Thank you for sharing!! We are leaping out to Denver this weekend!!!! I am planning a trip to Seattle in the winter – maybe we can meet up have some wine, talk adventures and take photos! xoxo go get em!

Nikki Santerre - Oh, love. I am just so excited for you in this new chapter of your life. It is a hard thing, trying to figure out what is right for your family and exactly where you are meant to be. This new brand feels like you, it’s so honest. I can’t wait to come visit you on the west coast!!! xoxo!

Dawn - Wow that is so much to have going on in such a little time and I give you a super big credit for handling it all AND doing a website redesign! I am looving the new look and can’t wait to follow along with more of your work!

maike rinaye - Ooh, I love the new look!

Megan D - Katie I love your new look!!! As photographers, our work reflects who we are at the present time – such a gift to be able to look back and reflect. I loved your story and look forward to your new backdrops in Seattle!!!

Faye - Love love love the new looks. Enjoyed reading your post to. Great way to get to know you a little more! Excited for you!

Melissa Yocum - Love your story and LOVE your new brand! “There is richness in something with a story.” Yes, indeed.

Destinee - Your site is just beautiful! As were your words!

Julie Paisley - Love the story, love the website, love that you made it so personal! Kuddos all around!!! Perfect, perfect!

Heather - So excited for you Katie! Can’t wait to see your photos from the West and traveling :)

Molly - It is so stunning and simply beautiful! I can’t imagine all of the hard work you put into getting it just as you wanted; you should be so proud. :) Enjoy it and I hope it helps grow your business!

Sandra Peter - Katie, the sacrifice that you made for your family positively impacted my brand new family, way more than you can imagine. You not only captured my wedding day, but made it perfectly memorable. I am eternally grateful to you! If it wasn’t for your sacrifice, I wouldn’t have the magic that you captured from my special day. I am eternally grateful to you ♡♡♡

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