Motorcycles, Pups, & Hidden Gardens- Dianne & Todd Engagement On Film

I may be biased but these two are some of the most incredible people I know. My older sister, Dianne, and her boo, Todd, have known one another for 12-13 years and they couldn’t be any more perfect for one another. She is and adventurer, creative, spontaneous, and lives by the wind all while maintaining perfect plans and just knows how to do things efficiently. Him on the other hand – goofy, grounded, stable, and so head over heels in love with my sis. It’s so fun to watch them together. I sit here tearing up because Dianne has been my rock for my whole life. Over the years we have loved hard, let depression creep in, traveled the world, and have tackled insane obstacles together and now I get to see her doing that with the love of her life! It’s amazing how our lives transition as we grow older – I mean it’s inevitable but it still shocks me from time to time. I think back to our childhoods and how we would run full speed at anything hand in hand and as adults we have both found our partners to do the same with. Dianne glows with Todd. Her laughter has never been louder, her tears never used to come from happiness and so often. Todd, you take care of Dianne in a way that is perfect for her. She needs the freedom you give her and needs the boundaries you set. Dianne, you are perfection for Todd as you provide step by step instructions for how to build a house and how to wash dishes, but most importantly how to inspire his lust for life. You light up his world and it is ever present any moment you two are together. I love you both so much.



Contax 645

Fuji 400h

Scans by PhotoVision Prints

Venue: Abandoned Seminary


Wandering Soul - Awesome! Beautiful! Spectacular! Love your comments, Katie. Love your shots. Love this couple!!

rachel - These are so, so beautiful! Your close ups are AMAZING!!! And her outfits are perfect! Love ALL of these! Especially the black and white of her hand on his arm. LOVE!!!!!!

Dianne - OMGosh! I love these and YOU!! I can’t even get over your comments…I am crying here at work. We are so lucky to have you in our lives and thank you so much for capturing us in all our goofy and (prompted) seriousness. :) We love you to pieces! XOXOXO

Karen - LOVE Gertrude! This shoot is uber cool! Mad props for using film! I love the groovy tone in these. The tree shot is to die for! Bravo!

Erin - Perfect couple, perfect pictures, perfect day! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE. Katie, this makes me want to get engaged & married all over again just so YOU can take the pictures. Well done.

maike rinaye - Woah! The motorcycle images are awesome, but that first one with the hat… WOAH!!! LOVE it.

Bobbi - I’m OBSESSED! Are you KIDDING ME with this entire session?! Katie… you outdo yourself with every session! The sunglasses shot of them looking at the camera… I’M DYING! :D

Keren - I just flat out LOVE your work!! This is just gorgeous and you do film SO well!! Bravo!

Chrissy - Incredible set, Katie!! Your sister is gorgeous!!!

Dawn - You are so good! I love these images! Especially loving the first image of Diane wearing the striped shirt and green vest and the vertical image with the tree sweeping in the foreground. Absolutely beautiful!

Julina - Image # 8 stopped me in my track! Love all of these!! Un-flipping-real!

kim - These are just amazing — you know what I love most about them is that you can just feel how much they love each other!!

John - These are beautiful. Your style here is a lot like their relationship – warm, soft, deep, adventuresome, classy. Each one is just a joy to look at!

Ben - I want photos of me like this and I absolutely will own a motorbike like that some day. Man, thats beautiful. Great job.

Destinee - Such a sweet tribute to your sister and the love of her life! Such fun, amazing images! Love these!

Brooke - Love the photo with them under the archway of trees! So dreamy!

Abbey - So sweet! Awesome how you can take something so macho like motorcycles and make it look so loving and tender. Well done!

Megan D - KATIE!!! You are just sooooooo good!!!!!! I freaking LOVE these!!!! Your sister is gorg!! I love their outfits. Couldn’t pick a fave, I love EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Awesome, awesome job.

Nicki - These photos are absolutely beautiful! I love the outfits too, especially that white maxi skirt! can’t even pick a favorite, LOVE all of them! Awesome job!

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Meadowlark Botanical Gardens Summer Wedding On Film – Alex and Carter

I cannot even begin to depict the love these two have for one another. Laughter filled everyone’s ears while tears welled up in every guest’s eyes. Subtleties in the way they grazed each other’s hands or the glimpses they would sneak of one another, was the truest example of love which clearly runs so deep. There are couples you are around and they together make the world a better place. I have never felt more confident in that until seeing Alex and Carter together. It was evident when we met in historic Leesburg for their engagement photos; however, on their wedding day, there was something even more present. The energy their friends and family brought, filled the air with such joy, I too was impacted by it as tears trickled during their ceremony. I normally do not post images of ceremonies as that can be such a private time. Additionally, I am a believer in that each couple no matter what religion/spiritual preference/unique way of promising life together should be celebrated. However, this wedding, I must make an exception. Just look at how he grasps her, look at how happy they are as they recess down the aisle, look at how perfectly happy they are just standing side by side. They simply make you feel.



 Venue: Meadowlark Botanical Gardens

DJ: Chris Laich 

All images taken with Contax 645 and Fuji 400. BW are Kodak 400TX.

Scans by PhotoVision Prints

More Credits Coming Soon




Melissa - So gorgeous! You totally captured all the love and laughter in their day!

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Franciscan Monastery Wedding – Leilah and David On Film

I can’t even begin to describe the love Leilah and David have for one another. It is steady, calm, and understanding. There is never a moment where David is not thinking of Leilah and her nurturing soul comforts all around her. She tends to the little ones, their family, and soothes all chaos. As a bride, she was a rock. She knew the purpose of the day and nothing was going to stop that. Her patience and poised approach to everything allowed for grace. David was that proper balance and always aware. His sense of humor and protective nature lightened the air but still remained so dedicated to the traditions of family. I adored each facet of their Jewish ceremony and am so grateful to have been able to be in the presence of such love and devotion. Congrats Leilah and David.



 Venue: Franciscan Monestary

Coordinator: Michele France

Florist: Colleen Mulholland

Scans by: PhotoVision








melissa - Yay! They look so beautiful!!!

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